Customized & consolidated deliveries

Samples of consolidated deliveries include:

  • Complete battery boxes
  • Hydraulic or air-starter power packs
  • Ducted combustion air inlets
  • Deviating heat exchanger packages
  • Deviating radiators, e.g. roof-mounted
  • Daytanks, external or frame-fitted
  • Connection compensators
  • Spare part packages
  • Special tools packages

For more details please contact our sales team!

Power House is your one-stop-shop partner for both standard products and services, but also non-standard requests such as customizations and consolidated deliveries.

We have the know-how and needed resources to verify the feasibility of your request, compile detailed requirement specifications, coordinate engineering efforts and production and to take care of packaging and arrange the delivery.

Previously done customizations include:

  • Containerized gensets
  • Air shut-off (rigsaver valves) for emergency and main auxiliaries
  • Fuel shut-off valves
  • Designated control systems
  • Various gauges (temperature, flow, etc.)
  • Re-placement of pumps or filters
  • Import or export system signals for monitoring or alarming in preferred control system