About Power House

Power House provides strong pre-sales, sales, and technical support, both directly to commercial users and to our suppliers’ dedicated dealer network with the ability to add global local support, commissioning, and warranty services.

Our Policies

We strive for the highest possible quality in everything we do…

Privacy Requests

Request for Correction, Limitation, Information and Deletion.


Supervision and processing of personal data/ Terms of use of the website.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Any company is really nothing more than a group of individuals.

Our Terms

Here you can download our General terms and Conditions.

Our certificates

Our ISO certifications, our credit rating, and our Mitsubishi and Danfoss partner certifications.



in the most transparent, fast and easy way possible


with the overall goal to reduce customers’ administration and time efforts. Marin PRO is one example of how we tackle this.

We also strive to do business locally as much as possible by subletting to the closest suitable dealer. This guarantees local attendance and warranty responsibilities, and a smooth commissioning service.


One of our main goals is therefore to support and strengthen our suppliers’ dealer network in order to always guarantee their customers the strongest and fastest technical and pre-sales support possible.


In regions where no local partner is available we offer the complete package of services in a one-stop-shop solution.