No matter your area of business – marine Gensets, hydraulic power packs, air compressors, high-pressure water systems, firefighting equipment, nitrogen pumps, dry bulk handling, surface preparation, rust removal, cranes and bow thrusters, offshore or industrial applications – Power House is your reliable partner for our own brand marine Gensets, Mitsubishi marine propulsion engines and industrial auxiliary engines.
We offer marine Gensets in the range of 70-2000 kWe and industrial auxiliary engines as well as marine propulsion engines in the range of 400 to 3000 kWe. All of these are characterized by high service ability, extraordinary fuel efficiency and exceptionally low emission levels!
From a design and manufacturing perspective, we also offer excellent power-to-weight ratio, platform commonality and easy installation.
Try Marin PRO to find out the most suitable configuration for your marine Genset application, with instant access to documentation or request a quotation for it!

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