your one-stop-shop provider – from standard products, to customizations, and support!

Power House offers repair services and commissioning worldwide.These services are either carried out by our own technical service team, or by our suppliers’ local dealers and service partners.

Refer to the dealers page in order to find the partner closest to you.

For OEM builders

We offer marine Gensets in the range of 70-2000 kWe and industrial auxiliary engines as well as marine propulsion engines in the range of 400 to 3000 kWe. All of these are characterized by high service ability, extraordinary fuel efficiency and exceptionally low emission levels!

For shipyards & design offices

At Power House we are happy to support you all the way from early project phases to post-delivery. Not only are we here for you anytime for personal support and advice, but you may also make full use of Marin PRO.

Customized & consolidated deliveries

Power House is your one-stop-shop partner for both standard products and services, but also non-standard requests such as customizations and consolidated deliveries.

We support you from pre-project phase to delivery:

  • Calculations
  • Technical advice
  • Lifecycle cost
  • Commissioning
  • Installation  information

We also cover non-standard requests like customizations (special generators, soundboxes, hydraulic pumps, clutches, electrical systems) and consolidated deliveries (batteries and battery boxes, silencers, fuel day tanks, coolers, flex mounts, SCR systems).

Please feel free to contact us anytime in case of questions or customization requests!