Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

Power House Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

“Any company is really nothing more than a group of individuals”

Regardless the line of business or situation you´re in, you are there as a result of opportunities and prerequisites offered, paired with your personal ambitions and targeting.

At Power House we strongly believe in everybody’s equal value but we also notice the difficulties for everyone to actually take advantage and to participate in what is available.

We hold no secret solution to why, but we believe that anything done to improve the equality is better than nothing. We also believe that an early start is better than a late amendment.

The above – very unscientific – reasoning have lead us to focus toward all civilian volunteer efforts that takes place every day, everywhere, for everybody; powered by dedicated people to benefit and offer alternatives, safety and friendship to our younger generations.

“We can´t make the difference ourselves, but we can be part of the difference.”

A Swedish non-profit organization who puts focus to the school and what can be done already in the class room to educate and prevent children (and their parents) from
threats like grooming or on-line bullying, as well as inspire to do more sports and everyday outdoor activities.