Danfoss sensors, switches, miscellaneous


Automation controls are nowadays an indispensable element in marine applications. They provide real-time information on parameters that matter most – improving efficiency, safety, and reliability while reducing the total cost of ownership. Applications can be found everywhere on a vessel – from the engine room to thrusters, winches, accommodation, and the cargo deck.

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Temperature Sensors

MBT 5111, 5113, 5116, 5250, 5260, 5252, 5310, 5560, 5410

Solenoid Valves

EV210A, EV210B, EV220A, EV220B 6-22 , EV220B 15-50, EV220B 65-100, EV224B, EV225B, EV250B, EV260B, EV310A, EV310B

Pressure Transmitters

EMP 2, MBS 33M Series, MBS 1800 Series, MBS 2100, 2150, 330, 3350 Series, MBS 3100 and 3150 Series, MBS 5100, 5150, 6300  Series


Pressure & Temperature Switches