Updates with regards to SARS-CoV-2 outbreak

Update June 22,

Power House is still working in “Corona-mode”, meaning we are divided in redundant groups  that are present at the office either mornings or afternoons, never all at the same time. This order will continue until end of August whereafter we plan to go back to normal routines and workhours. Due to the above, we have also had to limit our opening hours and are available weekdays between 08.30 to 11.45 and 13.15 – 16.30. Please excuse us if response time may hold for ½ a day if a certain function is not at hand on your exact time of contact.

We have also begun to make travel jobs again and commissioning tasks have been carried out in both Denmark and Italy during May with no incidents. We still limit our travelling to necessities such as start-up and commissioning of delivered applications and sea trials if needed. These services will continue to be taken care of.

April 14,

However, as many others, we have taken steps to prevent our employees and society as well as to prepare and safeguard our business and our services to our customers in case one or more of our staff gets infected. We have divided ourselves in redundant workgroups, not scheduled on duty at the same time, and we have also cut down our worktime in line with Governmental recommendations and support. Meanwhile, as the activity has gone down in general also with our customers, we have been able and capable to maintain the same level of service as before the outbreak.

We have increased our spare part stock heavily, we are constantly searching for exchange engines and repowering units to put in stock in case of break-downs and we have so far even managed all scheduled new engine deliveries on time. As far as we can predict, and depending on our sub-suppliers capacities, we can foresee no shortages to scheduled deliveries in the close future either but further down the line is very hard to predict since nobody really knows for how long our beloved globe will be a victim to these severe restrictions.

The only thing we can not supply by ourselves at the present is on-site services and commissioning’s abroad. This is due to the travel ban in most countries, but we can still supply parts and we can still do our utmost in all events to coordinate your technical needs with one of our many partner companies globally.

Thanks also for all support and all professionalism that we meet daily! We are happy to return all this positive vibes and do not hesitate to contact us for whatever reason we might be able to help out with.

March 19;

Following the French Presidents TV-speech on March 17 and general French Governmental recommendations and regulations the situation in France has yesterday developed to a more or less complete shutdown of all activities, inclusive of our manufacturing facilities for marine engines which is situated in the city of Mulhouse. Mitsubishi Europe has as a result of this declared Force Majeure on any delay that may occur as a result of these unforeseen events.

Customers of ourselves to whom we may have scheduled deliveries that could be affected, if any, will be informed separately and without delay.

Stay tuned and stay optimistic.

March 16; 

Power House is fully operative in all aspects but due to governmental restrictions, both Swedish and foreign, we may in some aspects be limited in our ability to travel abroad. Any customer in need for our services outside of Sweden are still requested to contact us at service@powerhouse.se and we will assist in sourcing the needed assistance through our network of associated dealers, agents and service centers locally.

There are no known shortages to spare parts and there are no known delays in production at the present. Should anything occur, we will immediately inform anyone concerned.


As from mid last week, Power House have assigned our employees in “redundant groups” with the aim to remain fully operative even if or when Covid-19 affects also ourselves. Most colleagues now work on a distance, typically from home, aside from those needed to handle daily tasks, spare parts deliveries or manufacturing. Also on those positions however, we have divided ourselves to redundant groups that currently do not attend the facilities at the same time and hence have the ability to fill out if anyone gets ill in a period.

We appreciate like always to get visitors to our premises – nothing has changed there. For a period though we ask you to pre-announce your attendance in order for us to organize the welcoming in accordance with our current routines.

This pandemic situation is quite rare, to say the least, and very unpleasant due to all unknown factors. At the current it feels most important to protect societies elder people and people with any respiratory diseases in order to delay the spread and hope for the hospital capacities to remain available to those in need for emergency care if infected. We do our utmost to follow these and all other governmental recommendations but at the same time also to keep the wheels turning. There definitely is a tomorrow and hopefully it´s not all that far away either!

Beware of each other out there! Common sense is all we got.